Final Logo

Business Card design

T-shirt design

Example of the Logo used on custom fight wear

Santino DiNardo
Personal Training

Logo/Business Card/T-Shirt Design

Santino approached me about creating a logo and business cards for his Personal Training business.
As well as being a PT, Santino is also a top 10 Muay Thai fighter in the UK.

He wanted something striking and encapsulated his passion to help people become active and also his martial art expertise.

I instantly knew I wanted to base the logo on Santino himself, he sent me various images of him in the ring and allowed me to choose whatever one I felt would work best.

The image I chose was the above, this was because it showed Santino using his signature teep kick.

I liked how it was arched which would allow me to
have it encompass the text and have the logo cohesive.

Once I was happy I started to prepare the concepts.

After having sent the initial concepts Santino instantly loved the yellow and white version, I chose this colour scheme as the MMA gym he trains and coaches
M-MAG have the yellow and white.

He loved the mock-ups I had used, I featured Instagram as this was his main platform to attract clients and wanted to show how the logo would look.

Santino was so happy with the logo he also wanted business cards to be printed.

You can check Santino out on instagram at:

Final Logo

Business Card design

T-Shirt design

DM Fitness

Logo/Business Card/T-Shirt Design

This brief was to create a logo and business cards for
a local Personal Trainer that was slick, modern and minimal. They came to me as they knew that I have a passion for modern Graphic Design and knew I would be able to fulfil their vision and goals.

Their business is named 'DM Fitness' and they loved the colour green, so I started mapping out concepts and getting them ready to send over to see which one the client was being drawn too.

I supplied numerous different logos and layouts and one stood out for the client.

After the chosen logo was finalised I sent over the logo files and moved on to the business card design. 

With the business cards I wanted to still keep it modern so I used the icons and kept a lot of white space.

I was really pleased with how they turned out and the client printed off 500 of them due to how ecstatic he was with the slick design.

You can check DM Fitness out on instagram at:


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