Book Cover Design

One of my favourite covers, this is an example of the subject matter not being the most exciting but the cover really pops and catches the eye.

The covers done for this publication in the past were quite dated so I wanted to make it look modern and slick while still being relevant.

One of the most creative covers I have done, I wanted this to look abstract but still tell a story.

I love the composition on this cover, everything centred with the topography fading into the background.


This cover was based on a creative concept that
I came up with to try and visualise a ship's data
being hacked. Everyone loved how this one came out.

Another great example of modern and minimal design while still capturing the what the book is about. I love the green used here.

The use of white space and the powerful image of the ship really makes this cover stand out.

Photoshop was key to this cover as I wanted to blend in various images in to the flag seamlessly.

Marketing Design



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